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Raptor Growth is a digital marketing agency that specializes in local SEO. We are the only company to offer services to help small businesses go from living in the rat race, pulling their hair out everyday, to bringing in consistent business day in and day out. We know how hard it can be for small businesses – we’ve been there ourselves! That’s why Raptor Growth strives not only to help your online presence but also your offline one too. With our hands on approach, you’ll get more sales than ever before with less work

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When getting the top spot in search engine results is not the only priority. Raptor Growth comes to the rescue. We are a Houston company offering top-quality SEO services that will improve your:


Rankings that 10X your Sales!


Traffic that Skyrockets Revenue


High-Quality Converting Leads

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Clients Always Come First

Before we start the SEO process for our clients, we make sure we get your bottom line and see your brand’s vision. We are not just into getting you at the top ranks. We truly care about your business’s long-term success, and we work by learning your goals


Guaranteed Track Record

Raptor Growth has been in the business for decadess and we strive to provide Houston, TX search engine optimization services through the years. We have enabled businesses to discover opportunities and gain online visibility with better rankings.


Data-Driven Team

Without data, there is no meaningful information. And data is at the heart of our operations. We make all decisions based on data analysis and research, with competitive audits. Our strategies follow all the industry standards and procedures as we make sure we are always on top of our game.


We Are A Lasting SEO Solution

While most SEO companies in Houston, TX, promise quick results, we are more inclined to make a lasting business impact. Our SEO solutions are more than search engines, as you’ll notice, that you’ll gain some actionable insights by the end of each process. Raptor Growth cares for your company and continues to give clients more growth opportunities


What our clients say

Matt at Raptor Growth drove record member and loan growth. They improved our Google rankings, increased traffic to our website, and had a positive effect on conversions !

Alvin Cheng, CEO

An entrepreneur's wet dream, Raptor Growth is an international marketing agency that specializes in growing your business. With Matt at the helm and his vast experience as well as a team of experts, this company will help you reach more people than ever before with their proven methods for success!

Joey Roberts, Owner